Songs and Facetime

In music class yesterday, my fourth graders had the opportunity to Facetime my former master teacher, Clark Barnett, and his fourth grade class. Before coming to Guatemala, I spent four  months learning the ways of teaching under Clark’s guidance as well as teaching his wonderful students. For me, it was a great opportunity to connect my former students to my current students!

Now, what does this have to do with music? Well, I have to tell you a little about my elementary music experience in order for you to understand the whole picture. Back when I was in fourth 10958278_10205229727796765_2024099074_ograde at Edison Elementary, I had a music teacher named Mrs. Krisberg. We did all different activities in class, but there are two activities that, to this day, stand out to me: learning the recorder and singing the “goodbye song.” She ended all of her music periods with the goodbye song, and more than a decade later, I still have the tune memorized.

When brainstorming a good first week of school activity for all grades, I immediately thought of that song. So, I wrote lyrics for a hello version of the song as well as the goodbye version and taped it up on the classroom wall. Since all of my students are learning english, I thought this would be a good way to introduce words, suchIMG_0836 as “hello,” “goodbye,” “welcome,” and phrases like “thank you.” Teaching the song during the first week went very well. The younger grades want to sing it every time we have a music class. It’s so fun!

So, when thinking of a simple activity that would translate well over Facetime, I once again thought of that song, but this time teaching it in Spanish to my former students. My current fourth graders and I translated the English version to Spanish. We printed off little half sheets, and sang it for my former fourth grade students back in the United States.

Below are the lyrics to the goodbye song in both English and Spanish.

Goodbye Everybody

See you next time

See you next time

See you next time

Goodbye everybody

See you next time

Thank you Very Much

Adios todos

Miramos otra vez

Miramos otra vez

Miramos otra vez

Adios Todos

Miramos otra vez

Muchas Gracias

Overall, I think my students enjoyed the time. Both my current and former students were exposed to a new language and 10969278_10205229726396730_96409629_oa new culture through using technology. I think the opportunity to Facetime with another class was a captivating new experience for the students.  My former students had the same opportunity that my current students had during the first week of school: learning a song in their second language. From what I hear, my former students will be writing letters to my fourth grade class. I am excited for the letters to get here and for both my current and former students to get to know one another!


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